Conscious Communication Workshop

Communicate with Honesty & Connection 


Express yourself in a way that improves being heard for what matters.

Often we may find ourselves in situations where others maybe listening to us in order to respond rather than really hearing what we are trying to say. And of course visa versa. A key component to honesty and connection starts with getting in touch with ones own true needs from a conversation. Once this is clear, it’s easier to directly and compassionately ask for what you want.

Communicate with Clear Intent 

Improve understanding in your personal and work relationships.  
In our human-ness there are bound to be misunderstandings whether you’re in line at the bank, in conversation with family or working with a staff member or supplier. At the basis of any communication is a motivation to meet a need or interest. Often conflict arises due to a lack of connection to the core value. Once gentle honesty is expressed and values understood, efficiency and cooperation is improved.

Communicate with Compassion & Consciousness 


Understand Needs Awareness as the Genesis of Emotional Intelligence

In developing needs consciousness, we learn to separate out the emotion and the strategy we use to meet the underlying need. Bringing underlying needs into consciousness, allows us, in fact, reminds us to connect with another person’s humanity, despite how we may hold or perceive their behaviour. In practicing needs awareness, we build capacity in empathy in ourselves and in others and as a result increasing connection and the ability to meet mutual needs and wants.
In this workshop you will learn these communication skills:
- learn and practice the principles of intentional communications
- learn the four key steps of a connected conversation, plus a critical pre-step
- learn and practice navigating with these steps as a map and guide 
- practice sourcing and identifying the core needs in your communication and that in other
- identify and separate actions and behaviors non-judgementally, as strategy and 
In this workshop you will awaken in your own development
- self awareness of own needs/interests and articulating those
- identifying emotional cues as clues to unmet needs in yourself and others
- understanding what is motivating others (colleagues, friends, family)
- practice intentionally self-reframing to ensure mutual understanding
- practice receiving and providing empathy  
With the volume of content and time needed for reflection, practice and learning integration, this workshop is designed for two-full days. 

“I learned a lot about myself and the importance of being able to articulate what I need… this is applicable in my personal and my professional life.”

“This workshop helped me understand the assumptions that I make about others; provided me with insights into communications and motivations; as well as strengthened my self-awareness.”

“It helped me identify and focus on issues that had been niggling at me for some time… It helped me understand my needs and emotions as well as those of other people. It’s helped me think before I would act.”

“It was a game changer for me. I have a new appreciation for my parent’s point of view.”



These workshops are foundational work to bring consciousness to communications and are based in the principals and teachings from Marshall Rosenburg's ground-breaking work in compassionate based communications, also referred to as NVC. The clearer we are about what is driving, motivating our actions the more intentional, self-aware and conscious of others, we can be about how we go about it. Click here for the blog: Four Guides to Improve Communications. 



Communicating with Love & Intention 


Strengthening Understanding and Connection between You and Your Children

Parenting is perhaps the most dynamic and important role we have in life. It’s a 24hour job with love and wellbeing as primary drivers. In raising children, we want them, as well as ourselves, to have enriching lives. And yet struggles are a natural part of growing into a compassionate human being . Conflict and misunderstandings are eased when we can see actions and behaviour (even the confusing stuff of parenting) as a motivation to meet a need or interest.
In this parenting edition of this workshop we will, spedfically:
- learn the four principles and steps of a more connected conversation with your children;
- practice identifying the needs/interests motivating your child’s behaviour; and,
- get in-touch with your own needs; and,
- identify strategies to be in better situations with your children.

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