The Power of Your Voice


A few weekends ago I attended a theatre voice workshop.

And the facilitator told me that I was perfect for film. It was a great and ironic moment - ‘Oh yah… I am perfect for film. I could be in the movies.’ - that’s what zoomed through  my filtering ego.  However I was in the voice workshop for on-stage performers. And what she was telling me - politely - was to speak up. This is the world of projection.

Of breath. Of intention. Of delivery of what you mean to say.

It happens everyday. To everyone. Whether standing in line at the grocery store, debating at work, or in conversations at meal time, we are called upon to speak. We use our voice to deliver a message that we intend to say.

Or do we? Do you? Do you put thought into what you intend to say? Do you control the expectation of what comes striding out on the waves of your voice?

I'm not sure I do. Usually I'm stumbling through my day in the best way that seems possible in any given moment. And then sometimes I remember and reflect on how words were exchanged - though that’s often later. And on luckier moments, I find courage to interrupt myself, pause and listen.

The voice is so incredibly powerful. And so I wonder, how do we use it - so that what we do (and say) reflects who we mean to be?

And what about candidates?

With the Canadian federal election held in the fall and the provincial election held this spring, I’ve had the opportunity to attend, with my family, local candidate debate forums.

As we strolled home in the cold night air, my young children, quizzed their father and me - trying to get a sense of the event’s importance.

My first impulse has been to talk about principles and values. Yet we’ve had plenty of those discussions at the dinning room table. Instead, it occurred to me - that the candidates whom have shown up to speak, have done so because they strongly believed it is the right thing to do.

They are neighbours, parents, sons, and daughters. They have stood up in front of a room, with their full personal integrity, with their full volume and carried intentions on their voices.

It isn’t me up there.

Back in the theatre workshop, I was surrounded by other players ready with applause and pats on the back. Certainly, I felt stronger and more confident and… yet my voice was on loan to a drama character.

And so, I am in deep admiration for those who get up, state and standby their own personal points of view… often in situations of a ‘not so excepting’ of an audience.

So what about your voice?

Admittedly, we’re not all striving for stage versus film. Nor wishing to take on the reigns of the candidacy in an election. Yet, we are all working with our voices every day. Is yours aligned with what you intend?


Jodi Woollam is an Integral Master Coach & Facilitator who is somewhat awkwardly, yet fully genuine striving to be a compassionate, loving, community-minded human being.

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